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Bighorn Energy Corporation (Bighorn Energy) is a privately owned junior oil & gas producer that owns and operates in Alberta.

Bighorn Energy is responsible for the full cycle economic requirements of its production assets and believes planning for the long term is a key business principal.  A long term focus means being responsible to all the stake holders – land owners, regulatory requirements, our environment and our people. Our ambition is to be a net zero emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2).


At all times, Bighorn Energy aims to listen, understand and participate in the communities and small towns wherein we own and operate. Our employees both live and work within these communities and Bighorn Energy is committed to maintaining a safe work environment and a respectful relationship with our neighbors. 

Bighorn Energy works closely with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) to support effective operations, complying with regulations and stewarding towards responsible closure of our environmental liabilities as our assets reach the end of their economic life.  Bighorn Energy strives with our actions day-by-day towards balancing safe operations with minimal disturbance to the environment and maintaining responsible and strategic development of our natural gas resources.


With Bighorn’s world-class gas reservoirs close to Calgary, we can scale up to meet demand. We will (initially) produce hydrogen from electrolysis- as demand grows, we will use large scale electrolysis and/or steam methane reforming with carbon sequestration to produce hydrogen. All this is achievable simply by utilizing our existing infrastructure, with the added benefit of lowering our environmental footprint in the process.

We believe the most effective way for the world to hit net zero by 2050 is to work together with a focus on one common goal, so we strive to make lasting partnerships with hydrogen innovators, as well as other hydrogen producers and end users.


Bighorn Energy is committed to collaborating with companies/industries to reduce their overall carbon footprint through carbon capture and sequestration (/ CCS). This will assist these companies in their transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

Bighorn Energy has completed the engineering and geology studies to utilize an existing operated world-class reservoir at our Crossfield site to permanently capture and store CO2 deep underground. Our CCS hub can capture 55 million tonnes CO2 from various emission sources, including manufacturing, heavy industry, and the energy sector.

Together we all can do our part in the fight against climate change and in reaching net-zero emissions.


Bighorn Energy is poised to grow and is looking to expand our high performing team. We’re always looking for skilled, enthusiastic individuals to join us. Please contact us to submit your resume for consideration.



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